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My Journey

I grew up on a family farm. My folks were deeply religious people, my oldest brother being a Lutheran Minister. I experienced the joys of childhood and the adventures of growing up in a small community where everybody went to Church. I did too. I didn’t like it particularly though. I did like the words of the Gospels and the first four books of the New Testament but I was not especially fond of the hymns and I did not like Sunday school.
For some time, right after my father passed away, I would read and try to comprehend the words written in the Gospels, words supposedly spoken by Jesus Christ. They were generally anecdotes. I found myself lost in those stories and parables. I was constantly persuaded by what those words were saying; something essential and of great value, yet I would find myself puzzled and could never really see beyond the rhythmic creation of beauty of those words.

Once I graduated from High School, I left my rural community and my rustic ways of life to go to college. I totally disregarded anything to do with religion or spirituality. I saw my role in life as a literary intellectual; an abstract scholar and I was convinced that I needed to get as broad an education as I could to be what I wanted to be. But in the year 1974, I had a series of awful experiences, unfortunate events and encounters that persuaded me to believe that my life so far had been founded on unavoidable ill fate and bad luck. I was convinced of the dying of the light and of the dark times that lay ahead of me.

I dropped out of school, isolated myself from the people I knew and endeavored to walk a different path to find a bearing for myself. I turned to health and fitness to feel better, focusing on reading numerous books on nutrition and nourishment. I coupled this with Yoga and meditation in a pursuit to find inner peace and harmony. The next 15 long years that followed were filled with despair, dejection, disappointment and depression. I would work briefly on temporary jobs, try and go to school and figure out a way to work part time in odd jobs with never any money coming in. Even the car that I drove around was in a bad shape resulting in continuous mechanical challenges and frustrations.

Books were my escape and my refuge, as always. Since I had severe respiratory issues as a child, I turned into a voracious reader at an early age. Reading books was all I could do when I could barely breathe. I was always reading books, and as long as I had a new book to read, I would escape from everything for a while. In the late 1980’s I began landing full time jobs and felt almost like a normal person with a regular part to play in society. I obtained a customer service job in 1993 and almost every job I have had since then has been in Customer Service.

At the point when the “Y2K” problem was widespread, numerous organizations needed to hire new individuals to fix the computer code. That’s how I got lucky and got the job as a programmer! I worked in IT for nearly 4 years. What a pleasant change from answering phone calls!

Later I took up a job as a Pharmacy Claim Processor for 3 years. That was a great job for me too. Be that as it may, another issue had come into my life in the mid 1990’s. It was an issue that I couldn’t comprehend or deal with. So I began to look outside myself. Puzzled as I was, I continuously questioned myself, ‘I have attempted Yoga and Meditation in the 1970’s and so what else is there to look?’

I first heard of the life energetic blueprint from the books “The Body Electric” and “The Secret Life of Plants”. These books persuaded me that there was more to an individual than a material shell, and encouraged my enthusiasm for the non-physical. The books of Eckhart Tolle and the wise words of Dr. David Hawkins reinforced the direction of my search.

I began attempting guided meditation, brain frequency modification, and none of these did much good. I listened to tele-seminars, MP3s and CDs, over and over and over, two or three new ones a week. At long last, in 2012, I met Guruji Mahendra Trivedi on a Webcast.

Guruji Mahendra Trivedi has been bestowed with a sacred divine gift of Life Force energy transmissions known as ‘The Trivedi Effect®’. This Divine energy is universal and intelligent. This energy goes beyond the limited scope of “healing” and transforms you for the next level, up to your limitless potential!

I also had the good fortune and privilege of being invited to participate in a few science experiments where my abilities to harness and channel this energy and affect living and nonliving things has been validated, measured and documented in scientific peer reviewed journals.

But it was not until 2016, that I began to believe that healing would be the best expression of the Divine energy I had been receiving.
Finally my life had come full circle. That was the end of my search.

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Mark Stutheit is an evidence-based energy healer whose healing abilities have been validated in preclinical scientific research to benefit overall health, quality of life and vitamin D absorption. Mark is committed to sharing his gift of energy healing to help people transform their lives with enhanced awareness, consciousness, peace, focus and well-being.

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