Mark Stutheit
Evidence Based Energy Healer

Mark Edward Stutheit is an evidence-based energy healer with the gift to harness and transmit Life Force to transform the lives of people and animals. Mark’s healing abilities have been validated in preclinical scientific research to benefit with overall health, quality of life and vitamin D absorption.

Mark credits his transformation as an energy healer to his journey with Guruji Mahendra Trivedi, founder of The Trivedi Effect®, whom he met in 2012. Mark realized that Mr. Trivedi is the culmination of his spiritual quest for knowledge and Divine connection. Since then, Mark has participated in Mr. Trivedi’s spiritual programs and experienced an incredible personal transformation including enhanced awareness about the people in his environment, becoming more conscious and most importantly, attaining the gift to harness Life Force from nature.

Mark was born in 1952 on a distant family farm and grew up with rural upbringing. During his childhood Mark battled with severe respiratory problems and had to cope with the passing away of his father. However, Mark had the conviction to be a literary intellectual and reading books was his favorite activity. He left the rural community to go to college for master’s degree in English.

Mark also choose English Literature as a major because he was convinced that reading the works of the great writers would give him knowledge and show him the path to best live his life. However, after several years, he became disillusioned with his academic pursuits as he saw the works of literature that he had worshipped as nothing but pretty words. He concluded that all his previous ideas about what was important and what was not important, true and untrue, good and not good, didn’t hold true. This was an extremely tough time. …He was left seeking answers to numerous questions, one of them being “How should I live?” …

His curiosity about the world still drew him to far-out subjects through books, teleseminars and webinars from a variety of transformational leaders. He delved into meditation, yoga, brain frequency modification, diets, herbalism, the occult, self-growth techniques and the like, but none of them did much for him. His quest culminated, after over a hundred teleseminars, when he very fortunately came across Guruji Mahendraji Trivedi.

Mark is a follower of Mr. Trivedi and a member of the Trivedi Healers, a community of people who attained the gift of harnessing and transmitting Life Force through their journey with Mr. Trivedi.

Mark has worked in sales, marketing, technology and customer service for small businesses as well as major corporations.

Mark is committed to sharing his gift of energy healing to help people transform their lives, be it enhanced awareness, raising consciousness, finding peace, focus or overall health and well-being.